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Metro Security are premier suppliers and installers of Inner Range security products in Brisbane & QLD wide. Inner Range systems offer powerful leading technologies for managing the security of your business. Their suite of security products enables you to monitor & enforce your commercial security policies across your entire operation. Metro Security can help you get the best security solution utilising Inner Range security technology.

If your business consists of just one small building, or if it involves a network of offices &/or warehouses across Australia, you will benefit from the flexibility and user-friendly operation of Inner Range security applications. The innovative Inner Range system provides access control & intruder detection across your security network, but the management of your system extends beyond these essential functions.

Inner Range Flexibility

The Inner Range security and access control system gives you the power to decide when and where your employees, contractors & visitors have access. The intelligent algorithms monitor your premises for security breaches and will alert you and send alarms as required. The system allows users to travel through your network utilising just one access card and logs all movements/events and gives you the ability to easily filter and report on this data. It incorporates your CCTV cameras, so you have easy access to live and historic verification of events. You can evacuate and/or lock down facilities in the event of an emergency. Inner Range security & access control systems help you enhance your OH&S and HR systems, to enhance the safety & security of your staff, all from just one location.

Inner Range Integriti

Integriti is Inner Range’s most recent technology platform & is the outcome of many years of industry participation and product development by the technicians at Inner Range. Integriti is a state-of-the-art security solution with measurable cost-savings through its integrated Access Control, Security & Building Automation functionality.
Inner Range Integriti - Brisbane Supplier

Easy to Scale

Integriti can be utilised in one-off small sites, through to a larger complex network across multiple locations. You only pay for the tech you need at the time you need it. Their flexible modular design means your security system grows as your business grows. Because it’s an IP-based networked solution, your can use your existing I.T. infrastructure for instant connectivity.

Simple to Use

Whether your security system is big or small, your Integriti system is easy to use. You can unlock doors, switch off or on, your security segments simply by presenting a card at a reader or by using the colour graphic keypad. You manage your entire security network by using intelligent Windows® based software.

Inner Range Integriti Video

Integriti Features

Control & monitor

Control & monitor the movement of people and vehicles in your premises. Protect vital assets whilst maintaining the safety of your visitors & staff.

Fast and Easy

Fast and easy setting of permissions deciding who can go where, when, including visitors.


Manage your security reporting and audit responses.

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance with business systems and government regulations.

Fast Response

Fast response to emergency situations, breaches, alarms & lockdowns.

Manage your OH&S

Manage your OH&S liability by utilising competency-based access control.

Remote Control

Remotely monitor and control your Integriti system with iOS and Android Apps.

Manage Entire Security

Manage your entire security operation from a single user interface. With Integriti acting as the complete Security Management System, integrate a variety of security sub-systems, such as CCTV, Biometrics, Mobile Duress, Lighting, Air-Conditioning, Intercom, Fire and many more.

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Inner Range Inception

Get fully integrated access control and security alarms with a distinctive design edge from Inner Range Inception. The Inception system offers easy operation utilising a web browser on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. The intelligent web-based software is built directly into the main system controller.

Use our step-by-step installation guide and intelligent user interface for very easy installation and operation.

Security Solutions that are Budget Friendly

The Inception system is a budget friendly security solution that is both powerful and very flexible. With no software costs and truly universal inputs & outputs, Inception can often be deployed as a stand-alone controller, reducing the need for additional hardware.

Inner Range Inception - Brisbane Supplier
Inner Range Inception - Brisbane Supplier

Web Based Interface

Inception uses a web-based interface that creates an exceptional user experience for the security installer, as well as a client who is using the system. For the technician, there is no software that needs to be installed and no need for a computer to be operating on site. You can configure Inception and commission the system using any device that utilises a web browser. The end user simply uses their existing smartphones, computers and tablets to use the Inception system. Once Inception is synchronised with your local IT network, you are able to use almost all web-enabled devices to access your interface. This includes connected Wi-Fi devices and hard-wired desktop computers. Enjoy mobile connectivity using the Inner Range SkyTunnel system which creates a secure environment for you to access your security system. If you have an internet connection, SkyTunnel will keep you connected wherever you are, in Australia or globally.

IP Alarm Monitoring

The Inception security system uses modern IP alarm transmission methods for alarm communications. It uses Internet connectivity to deliver IP alarms to your reporting hub. All alarm communication is highly secure, as we use 128Bit AES encryption for maximum privacy.

Inner Range Concept 4000 Controllers

At the centre of your Concept 4000 is the control module. This integrates all building automation functions, access control & security monitoring & management.
The Control Module offers 16 zone inputs, two outputs, an on-board switch mode power supply, LAN port, modem, serial port, siren and relay outputs.

Inner Range Concept 4000 - Brisbane Supplier

Tailored Automation Features

You can customise the Concept 4000 for any automation function you may identify. This platform facilitates authoritative automation logic for a wide range of applications. Macro logic that can be programmed to suit your needs, allows flexible event triggering, support for analogue inputs like pressure and temperature sensors, event & user counting to trigger alarms and more… The Concept 4000 gives you unparalleled security & scalability, and security capability at a realistic price. You will soon understand the value of your investment.

The Concept 4000 delivers full coverage and reporting of security detection points, offering:

The Concept 4000 is the industry leader in security communications providing the flexibility you need in any environment:

System Integration

Inner Range sets the industry standard for integration with other systems. Choose from an extensive choice of high-level integration selections to many other applications in areas like automation, building management, controlling lifts, payroll, ERP and more. The Concept 4000 platform works seamlessly with other leading technologies like:

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