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Are you looking for an advanced security system that is suitable for corporate and commercial applications? Interlogix Challenger10 is the right choice when you require an intelligent security solution for banks, retail, office, universities, shopping centres & more. Challenger10 is modular, so it is easily scaled for almost any application, large or small. Challenger10 can provide security and access for any commercial or corporate application as it has thousands of programmable options. Metro Security are specialists in the design and installation of commercial security applications.

Interlogic Challenger 10Challenger10 represents the latest technology, as it has been designed & built for superior integrated networking & access control. Challenger10 has been developed using features of the successful Challenger V8, plus extensive research and development.
With 99 areas, Challenger10 can be partitioned with no loss of performance, whether you are using one or all 99 areas, which is due to the onboard 32-bit microprocessor. Create your own solution by configuring the many available options to suit your specific needs. Metro Security will customise your security system to individually arm areas by time and location, which gives you incredible flexibility to protect assets and people.

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Security System Features

System Diagram
System Diagram

Powerful System Architecture

The Challenger10 panel is the heart of the system and comprises a modular ‘add as you go’ design. By adding intelligent door and/or lift controllers, input/output expanders, memory expanders and LAN devices, you can cost effectively add capacity and functionality as it is required. Multiple panels can be networked into one system via management software. Challenger uses cost-effective and reliable RS-485 data bus technology that can run long distances while minimising cable runs. Challenger LAN data can even be carried by optical fibres or over IP (optional interface modules required.)

Communication Technology

The Challenger10 panel uses advanced communication path technology & provides the perfect solutions & flexibility for your security needs. You can filter by area, events and time, while communicating via multiple reporting formats. Multi-tenanted sites can report alarms to their preferred security monitoring provider on a single panel and over Ethernet port, simultaneously.

Communication System Diagram

communication system diagram
Communication system diagram

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