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Metro Security are your local specialists in Biometric and Facial Recognition security systems. Their highly trained team of security technicians are regularly updated in the most recent security technologies. Whether you choose face, fingerprint, hand, voice or retinal screening, they have the knowledge and expertise to design and install an ultra-secure environment for your commercial premises and systems. Biometric screening can be incorporated into your new or existing CCTV security system.

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Facial Recognition

Biometric security uses physical and behavioural characteristics to provide instant authentication to users accessing a system or physical premises. This can be a combination of face, fingerprint, hand geometry, retinal or voice features. Of all the types of biometric identification, face recognition is considered to be the most versatile, as it works passively, scanning users without them being aware of detection. Every year this technology becomes more intelligent & intuitive. Current facial recognition software is capable of scanning and identifying masses of people in seconds, analysing physical characteristics like nose width, cheekbone position, chin & jaw line, distance between eyes and more. Biometric security systems are becoming more accessible and surprisingly cost effective. Ask Metro Security how you could utilise biometric and facial security in your commercial premises.
Facial Recognition
We are Facial Recognition Security Experts
Fingerprint Recognition
Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint Recognition

Your fingerprints are a unique identifier which remains constant throughout your life. In the entire world no two people have identical fingerprints. Not even identical twins have the same fingerprints. Current fingerprint technology is exceptionally fast and easy to use. This encompasses the comparison of patterns, furrows and ridges and the minute details of fingerprints against your database of users. It is typically used in office and commercial environments where tight security across many users is required. It is normally not recommended for industrial environments where people typically have hands that are not consistently clean.

Hand Geometry Recognition

If your users are working in a harsh or industrial environment where their hands are often dirty, hand biometrics are most suitable for your security needs. This is a non-intrusive test and is often the first choice for biometric security in industrial and mining environments.

Retinal Scan Security

Everyone has a unique retina. Your pattern of blood vessels at the back of your eye cannot be duplicated. Retina scanning technology is ultra-secure. The limitations of this technology is the length of time required to complete a retinal scan, often being 15 seconds. This makes it unsuitable as a security screening method for high volume traffic. It is however, suitable for high security areas with a small number of users, eg. military, laboratories, research facilities, policing and government departments.

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Voice Analysis Security

Similar to facial recognition, voice analysis security is a passive means of screening users giving or denying them access to your systems or premises. The drawback of this type of method is that voice be recorded or imitated using voice technology. This method is not typically recommended for high security environments for these reasons.

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