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Would you like to make your world as safe as it can possibly be? Whether you run a home, hardware store, hotel or highway, you want security systems that keep trouble at bay. So why not put everything you hold dear in the safest possible hands, Pelco, a global leader in predictive security systems. Pelco are designers, developers and manufacturers of complete, tailored security solutions, including:
Oh, and Pelco have been delivering a broad range of high-quality security products for more than 25 years. They know what works and that’s why Metro Security are proud to bring you the entire Pelco suite of surveillance products.

Security that fits

Does the exact same security system work for a hotel or mine? How can it? A hotel’s primary objectives – outside effective security – are aesthetics and discretion. Surveillance can’t be in your face but needs to catch the right faces every time. With Pelco CCTV, we can custom design colours and textures to blend seamlessly with your hotel décor.

On the other hand, a working mine doesn’t care about looks; all they want is CCTV that keeps working in the harshest conditions and remotest locations.

What about a notorious intersection or late-night trouble spot? CCTV needs to be overt, all-seeing, clear and conclusive, not to mention reliable.

One size doesn’t fit all. Thankfully, Pelco’s offerings are vast and immensely flexible. As a result, Metro Security can build you a proper custom-made security system that matches your needs exactly, not some cookie cutter ‘She’ll be right’ system you’ll find elsewhere.

CCTV Systems that survive the elements

Mother Nature throws plenty at CCTV – sun, wind, rain, dust, even snow – and your system needs to be up to it. All Pelco products are, even if Mother Nature takes things to the limit in an outback mine or helter skelter oil rig.

Climate extremes will soon compromise fragile CCTV systems if they’re ill-equipped to deal with the worst – melting heat, suffocating dust, torrential rain and salt water corrosion. If your security melts, suffocates or corrodes under the pressure, your entire operation will be severely compromised.

Well, here’s the good news: Pelco can custom build a CCTV system to master any extremes and circumstances; a system designed to keep your operation secure whatever the elements throw at you.

CCTV Security that fights vandals

Prison vandals to be precise. CCTV is the worst enemy of any correctional institution inmate intent on trouble or, more importantly, escape. The answer is inaccessible Pelco CCTV with modified mounts, strong lenses and enclosures that keep mischievous minds at bay.

Video Camera Surveillance that saves

Need to upgrade your current video security system? Well, with Metro Security and Pelco, there’s no need to start from scratch. We don’t replace security components unless they need to be replaced. In other words, we integrate new Pelco CCTV surveillance into your existing system as much as possible to save you money.

Pelco also has a range of pre-wired and configured surveillance cameras for faster, more affordable installation.

Made to Fit a Wide Range of Security Requirements

At Metro Security, we recognize that one size doesn’t fit all, so the right surveillance solutions should be tailored to suit the distinct requirements of each environment. Our mission is to ensure that you have the best possible surveillance strategy, so your CCTV system is specifically designed to meet the demands of your environment.

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