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Hikvision are one of the world’s biggest suppliers of CCTV video surveillance cameras and equipment. Every year they invest a significant amount of money in research and development to keep their CCTV security products at the cutting edge of surveillance technology. Metro Security in Brisbane have been supplying & installing the entire range of Hikvision security solutions for many years. Their products have a reputation for being energy efficient, cost effective and very reliable. Enjoy high resolution images, even in total darkness with CCTV cameras that can be mounted almost anywhere. Find out how Metro Security can help protect your business and commercial assets now. Contact us for a free on-site consultation or send us your plans now.

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CCTV for Hotels & Accommodation

Hikvision offer smart solutions for Hotel & Motel security with versatile & complete IP surveillance systems. Their CCTV solutions for hotels provide 24/7 low-light technology that is industry leading. Incorporating automated vehicle access control with number plate recognition and automated event detection, Hikvision security solutions integrate IP surveillance cameras, NVR’s and video management software to create a dependable security platform for accommodation services of all types, including hotels.
Hikvision hotel CCTV
Hikvision hotel CCTV

Hotel Safety with Hikvision CCTV

  • 24/7 safety for hotel guests and staff
  • Efficient vehicle management for an enhanced client experience
  • Less intrusive CCTV awareness
  • Reliable high definition vision for incident investigation

CCTV for Industrial Applications

Hikvision Smart CCTV for industrial applications enhances productivity and parking security. Get reliable security protection with CCTV cameras that record in low-light and ultra-low light conditions. Hikvision vehicle access cameras feature number plate recognition and recording as well as vehicle colour identification. Easily monitor your parking lots including no parking areas, monitor your warehouses and manufacturing facilities, as well as perimeter protection. When integrated with an intelligent access control system, you can control who enters your premises, when and how to provide the ultimate in industrial security solutions for your staff, clients and assets.
Hikvision Industrial CCTV
Hikvision Industrial CCTV

CCTV for Shopping Centres

Shopping centres in Australia are far more than just a retail centre. They are becoming important environments for creating social connections and events, with people coming together for all types of experiences. It is precisely for this reason that they also become a target for undesirable behaviour. Protecting your staff and customers is a crucial part of the service that modern shopping centres provide. Hikvision has developed world leading surveillance technology that is affordable, versatile and effective for shopping centre security. Metro Security can supply and install total end-to-end CCTV packages for retail environments. CCTV surveillance, parking area access and monitoring, intruder alerts, business intelligence data and more, are all available in a Hikvision shopping centre CCTV solution.
Hikvision shopping centre cctv
Hikvision shopping centre cctv

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