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Metro Security are your premier choice for intelligent and reliable commercial access control systems in Brisbane and throughout Queensland. For many years, we have been supplying and installing a range of access control security solutions such as digital keypads, swipe card readers, proximity card readers, fob readers, fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, remote controls and Bluetooth readers. These security devices can limit or give access to a wide range of entry and exit points such as – lifts, stairs, boom gates, doors, carparks, safe rooms, secured offices, laboratories and more…

Physical Access Control Systems

Do you need a high level of security for your commercial premises? Physical access control systems give you the capacity to manage and track users, limit access to sensitive areas, run user reports, remotely control doors and much more… When you use Metro Security to design and install your access control system, you will have peace of mind knowing every physical entry and exit is being monitored and recorded. If you combine this with a start of the art intelligent CCTV system, you will have the ultimate security solution for your business.

Access Control for All Budgets

When it comes to access control systems, there is a solution for most budgets. Due to improvements in technology and manufacturing techniques, access control systems do not necessarily “break the bank”. Whatever your budget, contact Metro Security for an informative free consultation. We love meeting new clients, and always go above and beyond to find a commercial security solution that is competitive.

Types of Access Control Readers

Whatever your access control needs, Metro Security will have the best solution for you! We regularly work with the types of access control readers listed below. The type of reader you choose is often dependent on the level of security you require. Whilst a swipe card can be used by another person who wouldn’t normally have access, it is impossible to use another person’s face. When you contact us for a free access control consultation, we will analyse your budget and your security needs and recommend the best solution, along with a detailed quotation.

Avigilon Access Control Manager

Types of Access Control Systems:

Access Control is more than just who can enter your building. It also protects your data from a range of possible intruders. So which access control system is right for you? If you have not previously installed an access security system, the options can be confusing. Thankfully, the technicians at Metro Security have designed and installed many security systems in Brisbane and across Queensland. You can relax by knowing you are making the right choice when you give them a call.
This is the simplest type of access control system and is most often used for low-level security needs. It is typically installed on doors in smaller buildings that have no additional exits. For this type of access control system, all electronic components are within the reader or keypad. There are normally no additional components like alarms, routers or sensors. Standalone units can be controlled by keypad, proximity cards, key fobs as well as swipe cards.

Also known as web-based access networks, this type of control system can utilise wireless and cable networks to manage locks and readers. You can use this technology to remotely provide system access, management and updates. Server based access control provides an additional layer of security as it constantly collects data on all events on your network – and you are able to check event logs anywhere, anytime via remote access.

If you have a single site and you require access control security, this is relatively simple to design and install. Metro Security can show you the best options for your budget including additional features like cctv surveillance cameras, night vision cameras, alarms and more.

Do you have multiple sites? With multi-site access control from Metro Security, you can manage your security systems from a desktop or your mobile phone. This includes security gates & doors, lighting, lifts, alarms and user systems & reporting.

Cloud based access control delivers the functionality required to manage multiple large-scale sites. Access control with cloud-based technology allows you to remotely – add and delete users, verification of the system, selectively manager access rights to specific facilities, change user right and reprogram access points. When you couple this with wireless technology, you gain an additional level of scalability and flexibility. You will save time and money due to the ease of managing & updating this type of access control system.

Which Access Control System is Right for You!

From the above information, you can see that there are several factors to consider when choosing an access control security system. These include: your type of business, the existing security procedures within your organisation, and the number of people needing access to your system. If your business is relatively small, a single site access control system is required. If you have highly confidential documents or sensitive information, your best option is probably a cloud based multi-site solution, which is scalable.

Find out which type of access control security system is right for your business and your budget. Contact Metro Security now for a free consultation and detailed quotation.

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