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Network-based video security

Dallmeier is one of the world leading providers of products for network-based video security solutions and has 35 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high quality complete solutions for the CCTV/IP sector.

With Panomera, IP cameras, recording servers, intelligent video analysis and software, Dallmeier offers complete systems and high quality components which can be easily integrated into third party systems thanks to open interfaces.

Dallmeier’s wide range of CCTV technology is regularly used extensively in video surveillance for city wide surveillance, bank security, traffic management, airport security, government and civic applications, casinos, stadiums, leisure facilities, shops and shopping centres, medical and health care, general industry and residential security. Ask Metro Security about design and installation of your Dallmeier CCTV surveillance solution.

Platform Independent Video Management Solutions

Already up and running, but need some high quality modifications to bring your security up to speed? With Dallmeier, Metro Security can integrate leading edge technology into your existing third party system. And you’ll only get the best of the best:
Why settle for yesterday’s technology when ‘next’ generation’ Dallmeier video management can put your surveillance ahead of the pack? With open interfaces giving you the flexibility of both single source and ‘best of breed’ applications, your video set up can be whatever you want it to be.
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You can choose:

From a single source

This is a comprehensive video security solution including cameras, recording, management, video analysis, etc. that are adjusted perfectly to one another.

Best of breed

Combine Dallmeier products with existing third-party technology and products. The integration is not an issue thanks to Dallmeier’s open interfaces.

Industry 4.0

“Video management 4.0” is derived from the term “Industry 4.0”, which refers to the fourth industrial revolution. The first industrial revolution is considered to be mechanisation based on water and steam power, followed by the second industrial revolution – mass production – with the help of assembly lines and electric power. The use of electronics and IT for further automation of production was then hailed the third “digital revolution”. The fourth industrial revolution is marked by comprehensive interconnection and digitalisation of production. The connection of embedded ICT systems makes factories more intelligent, allows machines to communicate with each other, and makes it possible to control and optimise processes nearly in real time. This allows for a high level of individualization for the products for highly flexible mass series production (mass customisation). Or in short: Industry 4.0 connects the real and virtual worlds. The fourth industrial revolution in video management stands for openness, simplicity, investment security and platform independence – and rings in the fourth industrial revolution in video technology.

We are fully qualified and accredited to Australian national security standards ensuring the highest quality project outcomes. Metro Security’s trained technicians can design any type of system to meet your commercial needs and budget.

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